Photographic Roots

From the earliest memories of my photography the hint I would become a photojournalist was there. In college I continually excelled in competitions and earned a reputation as the photographer to contact if something was happening in Northern Arizona. My mentor, Gary O'Brien, helped me refine my vision and my technical skills and I'm thankful for that connection.

My photojournalist's eye plays into most every photograph I continue to capture ~ even my dog photography!

I now teach photojournalism at a college in Denver and it has been a thrill to rediscover my roots. The opportunity to occasionally shoot as a photojournalist continues to thrill me, inspire my vision and the vision of my students.

Enjoy my past and current work.


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photographer photojournalist matt lit early years

Galleries (New Work)

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Flight For Life

Memorial Service

tough mudder extreme race photography beaver creek photo by matt lit

Tough Mudder Extreme Race

Hitting the mud


March Against Guns

Denver Rally

bad santas

Feature "Wild Art" Photos

A collection of recent Wild Art Photos


Rescue Training

Avalanche Training

Bald Eagle-its a goddamn fucking square for fuck sake

Still to come

Images I have not experienced yet. ;~) 

Galleries (Older works)

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Feature Photography

Wild Art...Feature images...capturing a slice of life...


A Day in the Life of Gold Hill

Gold Hill story for Peak to Peak Magazine


Spot News

Spot news photography...capturing the human experience. 

Mountain Mentors ~ Photo Story

Mountain Mentors organization



Faces I've Been...the souls I've experienced in my viewfinder.

israel jerusalem old city arab quarter


Israel for Blackstar Agency

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