Adobe Spark Portfolios

Adobe Spark! 

Adobe Spark pages are an excellent way of sharing online. I use Adobe Spark pages to share my work, client samples and photography education topics with my students. Here's a list of current Spark pages I've created.

AdobeSpark_Screen Grab PJ

Portfolio Samplers

Spark pages are a unique way to share galleries. 

SPARK: Photojournalist’s Eye

SPARK: Architectural



Spark pages created to share content with students. 

SPARK: My teaching approach

SPARK PAGE: Building A Creative House

SPARK PAGE: Topic: News: Campaign Stop

SPARK: Topic: Feature & Wildart

SPARK: Topic: Sports

SPARK: Topic: Captions: Captioning Photos

SPARK: Student Portfolio Sampler

Adobe Education Exchange Certifications

Reflection pages created for Adobe EDU courses.

SPARK: Adobe Certification: Digital Photo for Educators